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There’s a war going on between souls: The Creators of this universe are taking their young delinquent souls back HOME. Meanwhile, the young delinquent souls are using every nasty tactic  to prevent it. The world is in turmoil while those souls are at war. 

By their deeds and actions, those young delinquent souls are making a mockery of
humanity, when it comes to diseases. Here are some examples.

1) Souls (the only consistent living entity in this universe for billons of years)
have us-mankind-walking this earth dripping with all sorts of diseases,
deformities, ailments, disabilities, and leaving us to believe we must incur
another disease to get rid of the one we have. 

  • While souls lead us to believe, we are responsible
    for our horrible health condition.

2) Souls are the ones giving life, death and even diseases to everything
living in the bottom of the sea, on top of the earth and the atmosphere above.

  • While they brainwash us into being happy with the little life expectancy we have, they saddle us with premature death.

3) Souls are the ones transferring their essence dragging along many forms of bacteria from the living and dead creatures in the sea, on earth and the atmosphere above into the human body.

  • While they lead us to believe, we are responsible  for all the diseases worldwide.

4) That back and forth/transferring of souls is what some so eloquently call reincarnating. That reincarnating/transferring of souls has occurred for billons of years, and mankind is now more animal than human-passing on more diseases from one generation to another, i.e. cancer.

  • While they brainwash us into believing it’s
    aprivilege for them to reincarnate within us.

I touched on the brainwashing tactics used by young delinquent souls to make a mockery of humanity, DNA manipulation, etc., in my book “WAR BETWEEN SOULS OVER FIRST UNIVERSE: JUSTICE A-WAITS.”  Buy it at:









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This volume laced with   notions of reincarnation and afterlife.  For that same reason, WAR BETWEEN SOULS OVER FIRST UNIVERSE: JUSTICE AWAITS,” is a supernatural story about the pure, elder immortal souls, who want nothing more than to teach their young delinquent souls how to earn immortality and stop reincarnating their tainted demonic souls.  

Likewise, this book confirms that you cannot separate the soul from the notion of the afterlife.  That afterlife consists of reincarnating demonic souls-Hellitheons.

Hellish as they are, they refuse to obey the Creators. They have reincarnated themselves in bodies (human and otherwise) for billions and billions of years.  In addition, they are lingering here on earth, pretending to be MOVING ON trying to take over what does not belong to them. 

Reincarnation is not a rarity.  It is a daily occurrence.  Remember, Plato as well as Christianity tells us-in essence- that the soul is the power that runs the body/machine and that souls are capable of reincarnating/recollecting.  Tiffany is telling you that before that body is worn out it’s souls are tormented, manipulated and even ripped out forcing displaced souls to transfer their energy (power-essence) into another body-be that animal or human.


All souls can earn IMMORTALITY.

The Creators have IMMORTALITY.

The Creators are the’ ONLY’ ONES

 to award IMMORTALITY…

The Hellitheons were the ones to start the WAR BETWEEN SOULS OVER FIRST UNIVERSE not the Creators or their young pure souls. The Creators of First Universe, the elder immortal souls, wanted nothing more than to teach their young souls how to earn immortality, but the evil ways of the young tainted delinquent Hellitheon souls,  delayed/prevented them from doing so. 

Yes! Hellitheons were the ones to stop billions of souls from fulfilling their true destiny as pure immortal souls, which was witnessed by zillions of souls in outer space as well as in the Realm of the Creators. 

One dark night in outer space, there was something urgent going on. Far above the earth’s atmosphere, a group of pure immortal souls sat on the top of the Milky Way shinning against the sheet of night, with their young souls glowing like large crystals and covering the hole between the moon and the sun. 

Moreover, you can see three of the Creators of First Universe. Creator Sun, draped in yellow silhouette, Creator Mercury, draped in silver silhouette, and Creator Moon, draped in light orange silhouette, was in a conversation.” 


Tiffany Thompson has her B.A. in Communications and her Masters in International BusinessRelations. She has lived in the U.S., for several years.   As her military family traveledaroundthe world, she has encountered the negative behavioral patterns of numerous races.

Tiffany’s extensive international journey has made her realize that people all over the world are plagued with the same problems-like hatred, abuse, deceit, etc., and they do not know why.

Resultant her research, she found that the only consistent entities are the demonic souls driving people to perpetuate hate, abuse, deceit, etcetera.

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ISBN: 9781432768010     6X9 Paperback   

Publication: 03/31/11