There’s a war going on between souls: The Creators of this universe are taking their young delinquent souls back HOME. Meanwhile, the young delinquent souls are using every nasty tactic  to prevent it. The world is in turmoil while those souls are at war. 

By their deeds and actions, those young delinquent souls are making a mockery of
humanity, when it comes to diseases. Here are some examples.

1) Souls (the only consistent living entity in this universe for billons of years)
have us-mankind-walking this earth dripping with all sorts of diseases,
deformities, ailments, disabilities, and leaving us to believe we must incur
another disease to get rid of the one we have. 

  • While souls lead us to believe, we are responsible
    for our horrible health condition.

2) Souls are the ones giving life, death and even diseases to everything
living in the bottom of the sea, on top of the earth and the atmosphere above.

  • While they brainwash us into being happy with the little life expectancy we have, they saddle us with premature death.

3) Souls are the ones transferring their essence dragging along many forms of bacteria from the living and dead creatures in the sea, on earth and the atmosphere above into the human body.

  • While they lead us to believe, we are responsible  for all the diseases worldwide.

4) That back and forth/transferring of souls is what some so eloquently call reincarnating. That reincarnating/transferring of souls has occurred for billons of years, and mankind is now more animal than human-passing on more diseases from one generation to another, i.e. cancer.

  • While they brainwash us into believing it’s
    aprivilege for them to reincarnate within us.

I touched on the brainwashing tactics used by young delinquent souls to make a mockery of humanity, DNA manipulation, etc., in my book “WAR BETWEEN SOULS OVER FIRST UNIVERSE: JUSTICE A-WAITS.”  Buy it at:









~ by tiffanytnt1 on June 24, 2011.

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